Core Values

Servant Leadership

The desire to serve first

Servant Leadership is central to everything we do. We are committed to serve our clients, our communities, and each other. We strive to add continuous value to our clients and to be good stewards of the partnership they have entrusted in us. We serve each other by being valuable team members, open to new ideas, and collaborative in all we do.

Heart of a Teacher

Give the gift of knowledge

Valuable information is the greatest asset we can offer. We pursue this information diligently and share it willingly. Our clients appreciate and value us when we approach every interaction with the heart of a teacher and will reciprocate with their trust and their business.


Hire for attitude. Train for skill.

We are building a team and company where it’s a lot of fun to work really hard. Our attitudes are the one thing we have complete control over and we choose the attitude we bring to our work. We choose to bring a positive attitude to all we do.


Believe in yourself, trust each other, and stand behind everything you do

We seek to be accountable: to our clients, to one another, and to ourselves. Our success is a result of what we do, especially when nobody is watching.


It is not enough to survive, we must thrive

The future of QL is bright, and we will remain viable through the years to come. Our goal is to create a culture of enthusiasm and personal growth; one people are proud to be part of every day.


Individual Achievement Depends on a Community of People Working Together

Quantum Leap’s true measure of success is not limited to measures such as profitability and growth but also by the impact we make on the community in which we live and work. At Quantum Leap, it is important that we share our time, resources, and blessings with our community and build a business environment where giving back is embraced and celebrated.