Our Team

At Quantum Leap, we consider ourselves to be a big family. Our goal when building and growing the company, was to simply create a work environment where we all have a lot of fun while working really hard. We strive towards a collaborative and supportive culture that our people are proud to be part of and are even more proud to tell others about.


Chris Grashorn

Chris is a Support Engineer here at Quantum Leap. He manages customers IT infrastructure and support. His favorite things about working here are the family atmosphere, daily ping-pong battles, and bonding with the team at lunch. 

Chris has a passion for building things as well as home remodeling. When not at work he is probably working on his house or helping others with projects. He has a love for exploring everything Michigan has to offer through camping and hiking. He is proud to say he has successfully trained his non-techy wife Jeannie, to spot the WAP’s (wireless access points) whenever they go out!

Joe Rysdyk

Joe Rysdyk is a Project Manager here at Quantum Leap. You can find him running voice projects, installing new phone systems, providing support to other team members, and supporting our clients on a daily basis. Joe is passionate about new technology and people. He strives for an unparalleled customer service experience, building relationships and helping clients think outside the box.

When Joe is not at work, you can find him traveling with his wife Carly, kids Weston and Lainey, and their two French Bulldogs, Willow and Paisley. In his ideal world, Joe would blame his bad golf game on the beer, watch Michigan Football (Go Blue!) and then head off to his happy place, Hawaii. Rinse and repeat.

Mark Stewart

Mark supports our customers carrier services installations, changes and repairs here at Quantum Leap. His favorite thing about working here is the supportive environment focused on our customers needs.

When Mark is not at QL you can find him engaged in home renovation and DIY projects. He also really enjoys beekeeping with his son. They harvest and sell honey from their half dozen beehives. He is also an avid supporter and volunteer for the special Olympics!

Matt Weiden

Matt assists with resolving customers computer, network and server issues here at QL. This ranges from helping with application problems to implementing new servers. His favorite thing about working here is the people. He thinks everyone is great to work with and spend time with each and everyday.

Matt is passionate about all kinds of food and coffee. He enjoys using his new espresso machine and has gotten really into making fancy espresso drinks! He is inspired by his friends, family and co-workers. Everyone has their own personal strengths and he takes notice of these as goals for self improvement. Outside of work Matt spends lots of time with friends and family. They like to eat out at local restaurants and play tennis in the summer whenever possible. His favorite family tradition is his annual family vacation every summer and his favorite so far was going to Tennessee and seeing the Great Smoky Mountains. 

Michael Slenk

Michael is our Voice Engineer here at Quantum Leap. He troubleshoots and installs phone systems. He really likes the people that he works with and the support that is provided to do his job everyday.

Michael shares three great kids with his wife Alicia. He and his family like to be outside as much as they can. So much so that they came up with the idea of having “pizza in the park” on Friday’s allowing his family to have dinner together while letting his kids burn some energy! 

Mike Lewis

It is hard to define Mike’s role here at Quantum Leap. One day he may be a project manager and the next an engineer. He may be on the phone providing support to a client and then on a site surveying their needs for infrastructure cabling or phone system set up. Other times he is programming or installing a new solution, or troubleshooting and correcting issues for our clients. Mike loves the variety at QL as no two days are ever the same and it is nice to assist clients and the team. He feels we all take good care of our clients as well as eachother.

Outside of work, Mike spends a lot of time supporting his family’s many activities. He is the father of seven great children who keep him and his wife Laura very busy. When he does get some free time, he enjoys spending it with close friends relaxing or taking in a show or sporting event. Mike is passionate about helping others and is inspired by many people. His favorite place in the world is the warm sandy beach in the pacific. His favorite family tradition is hard to define because they like to change things up every year. For example, one year they may have a taco bar for christmas instead of a roast. If he could have dinner with 4 people, living or dead, it would be Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Elon Musk and Mark Twain.

Stephen DenBoer

Stephen works closely with our customers and carrier partners to ensure that installations go smoothly, trouble tickets are resolved quickly and ultimately our customers are satisfied with choosing to work with QL.  Stephen is passionate about serving and enjoys the team atmosphere. 

Stephen enjoys spending as much time as he can with his wife and two children. They enjoy sporting events, camping and time at the lake. They also enjoy traveling to Florida over Christmas to spend time with grandparents. If Stephen could have dinner with any four people living or dead, it would be William Bradford, Thomas Jefferson, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Harrison Ford. 

Dan Ambrose

Dan is one of our voice technicians here at Quantum Leap. Dan is passionate about his work, his friends, and his family. His family has always been, and always will be the driving force and inspiration for doing what he does.

When not assisting our customers, Dan can be found golfing, hanging out with friends, spending time with his girlfriend, Amber, and nerding out, playing video games. Growing up, Dan's favorite family tradition was going to the family cottage where they would spend days tubing, fishing and exploring in the woods. 

The four people Dan would love to have dinner with are Elon Musk, Kevin Hart, Adam Sandler, and Joe Rogan.

Kirk Sharrow

Kirk is one of your VoIP engineers here at Quantum Leap. Aside from the passion Kirk has for phones and helping others, he draws inspiration from learning about world history and applying that knowledge to our present and future endveors as a society. 

Kirk enjoys being in the woods camping with his family and honing is bushcrafting skills. When he is not out in the woods hiking and/or perfecting his survival skills, you can find him disc golfing or streaming competitive PC games on twitch.

Ben Lemke

Ben is one of our IT Engineers at Quantum Leap. Ben is passionate about fixing things and making things better. He enjoys leveraging technology to improve his life and to improve the life of those around him. He really enjoys working with customers and finds inspiration in the dedication he sees from his team members at QL.

If Ben could have dinner with any four people, he would like to share that time with Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., St. Francis of Assisi, and the current Dalai Lama. 

When not at work, Ben enjoys the outdoors. He likes to be in the woods, likes to be at the beach, enjoys paddling down a river, or sailing the big lake. West Michigan is Ben's favorite place to be and loves that he is able to enjoy all of his hobbies right here in his back yard. 

Andrew Stevenson

Andrew is an IT Engineer at QL. He is another one of the friendly voices you may hear when you need help with your computer or you are unable to send a gif to a co-worker - just kidding, no body does that! Andrew is passionate about having the best time possible in whatever he is doing. Although it can be a challenge, he is usually trying to make the most of whatever the circumstances. Life is too short to get wrapped up in negativity. 

If Andrew could have dinner with any four people in this world, he would choose to eat with his Grandparents.

Outside of work, Andrew enjoys playing volleyball, baking, hiking, and spending time with his friends gallivanting around town going to different bars and restaurants. When not gallivanting, his favorite place in the world to be is at home.

Corbin Bartsch

Corbin is one of our helpdesk engineers here at Quantum Leap. Corbin is passionate and inspired by the open-source community, creating and collaborating on software publicly. 

Corbin enjoys spending as much time as possible with family and would pick any place in the world to be as long as his family was there with him. One of his most recent favorite activities he enjoys with his family is racing to find the pickle in the Christmas tree. Ask him about this sometime! Outside of work, you can find Corbin climbing, kayaking, biking, and/or camping. 

Josh Engwall

Josh is one of our Helpdesk members here at QL. Josh is passionate about technology and the puzzle solving aspect of the field. He is someone that is always willing to help and inspired by watching friends and family succeed and grow. 

If Josh could have dinner with any four people, it would be with Allen Iverson, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bill Wattterson, and Quentin Tarantino. Outside of work, you can find Josh on the basketball court (preferably an indoor court) and/or hanging out with friends.

Josh and his wife are new parents, so his new favorite tradition has been taking monthly pictures to see how much their little man has grown!

Connor Taormina

Connor is a one of our Helpdesk team members here at Quantum Leap. Connor is passionate in helping others and learning new technology. When not helping our clients, Connor can be found jamming on his guitar, going on boat rides, and pounding the glass at hockey games.

If he could have dinner with any four people, it would be his Grandfather, Don Rickles, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin.

Christmas time with his family is Connor’s favorite tradition.

Shawn McKeever

Shawn is a member our Helpdesk team. He is passionate about learning and helping others; he rarely turns down a chance to learn a new skill or bits of information.

Growing up Shawn’s favorite family tradition was camping over the 4th of July holiday every year with his (large) extended family where they'd fish, swim, and play in the woods.  His favorite place is a tie between Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness near Manistee, and wherever his family is.

Outside of work, Shawn loves exploring our local parks and trails with his partner and daughter, as well as woodworking, video games, reading and bird watching.

Tony Kovalov

Tony is on our Professional Services team here at Quantum Leap. His job duties range from helping other teams members with complex challenges to deploying network equipment onsite at customers locations to the setup of new servers. He is inspired by his daughters and striving to be a great husband to his wife. When not implenting new technology, you can find Tony staying active, camping with friends, or visiting Leelanau Peninsula with his family.

If Tony could have dinner with any four people, it would be Rodney Dangerfield, John Candy, Chris Farley, and his very own colleague, Ben Lemke. 

Bailey Davis

Bailey is a member of our Helpdesk support team here at QL. Bailey is passionate about building relationships with people in and outside of work; and continuing his journey to grow as a person in all aspects of life. Most importantly, he is passionate about being a husband and father to my two little girls: Brinley and Amara.

When not at the office, Bailey's favorite place to be is anywhere is family is. Whether it be an entirely new experience or revisiting old vacations spots like Maui, anywhere he can spend quality time with his wife and kids makes him happy! In addition to spending time with family, Bailey enjoys watching streams and gaming. 

If given the opportunity to have dinner with any four people, he would choose his Great Grandpa, Chris McCandless, and David Benioff and D. B. Weiss to figure out why they did what they did to the last Game of Thrones seasons :(

Stephen Califf

Stephen is a member of our Help Desk team here at QL. Working in IT allows Stephen to fulfill two of his passions, helping people and solving problems!

Outside of work, Stephen's favorite place in the world would be spending time at home with his family. If not at home, he enjoys being outdoors, hunting, and working out. 

If Stephen could have dinner with any four people he would chose to eat with his Grandma, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Nikola Tesla, and Bradley Knowles. 

Caleb DeHaan
Tom Campolong

Tom is one of our Engineers here at Quantum Leap. He is on a constant pursuit to learn, whether that is in IT or in his everyday life. Sharing that knowledge to help others is what inspires him to keep learning more. 

Tom's favorite place in the world is Baños, Ecuador. Outside of work you can typically find him outside with the dog enjoying our local\state parks, trying out the diverse GR restaurants (shoutout to La Huasteca), or enjoying games with my partner and friends.

If having dinner with any four people, it would be with some of the heavy hitters in American politics such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Rosevelt, and John F. Kennedy for the stories that didn’t make the history books.


Mike Storrer

Mike researches and recommends voice and data solutions for clients all over the world, here at QL. He saves them time and money and gets them the best bandwidth for the buck! His favorite thing about working here is the freedom to recommend whatever carrier is the best fit and not be confined to a single one that may not work for everyone. He strives to create a positive experience for his clients when dealing with various telco carriers and to help deliver the best value at the lowest risk. 

Mike is a graduate of Central Michigan University where he met his wife, Sue. They have two boys: Nick and Derek. Mike has been fortunate to coach several of their sports teams and help kids learn the fundamentals and enjoy playing as a team. He likes to participate in as many nonprofit and fundraising opportunities as possible! 

Josh Duval


Christie Beyer

Christie is in Finance here at QL. In addition to crunching numbers, she is inspired by the mountains and being outside, breathing fresh air, and noticing all the little details in nature that make us feel so small, but so loved by our creator.

Her favorite place to be, outside of work of course, is the Canadian Rockies, specifically Whiteswan Lake in British Columbia because it’s breathtakingly beautiful, peaceful and she has great family memories there. Christie loves spending time with her husband, Bruce, daughter, Kaili and son, Carson. She enjoys traveling, hiking, kayaking and growing cut flowers. 

If dinner could be had with any four people, Jesus would top the list because there are so many questions to ask!  Also, her two late grandmothers and late mother-in-law.

Team Leaders

Jeff Krause

Support Team

Drew Dykstra

Drew’s role here at Quantum Leap, is to support our customers and team in any way that is needed to ensure the success of everyone involved. His favorite thing about QL is the people. He enjoys having such a fun team of people that makes coming to work everyday feel a lot less like work and more like a team of people hanging out and doing what we love while helping people.

Drew is most passionate about people. He really enjoys the great outdoors and is very active with mountaineering, backpacking and skiing as much as he can! His favorite place in the world is wherever his fiance’ Juliette is. They travel all over and do lots of adventure sports so wherever they are at any given time is his favorite place. His life outside of work is better and more than he could have imagined. If Drew could have dinner with four people living or dead, it would be the Beatles! – John, Paul, George and Ringo. But if he had it his way he would love to have a cocktail or three with Hemingway!  

Jay Teneyck

Jay is responsible for the operational side of the business here at Quantum Leap. This includes service and project management. He loves our people and how we all work together to overcome challenges. He feels we have come far as a group and hes looking forward to where we are going.

Jay’s life outside of work consists of fun with family and friends. He and his wife Kelly have two sons who inspire him. His boys love sports and that also means he does quite a bit of coaching too. He also enjoys playing golf and traveling. His favorite family tradition is when they take road trips. Jay is passionate about being fun and competitive. If he could have dinner with four people living or dead, it would be Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr, Jimmy Buffet and of course, Jonathan Goldsmith. His favorite place in the world is Hawaii because the culture and environment are awesome!

Josh Burgess

Josh is a relationship guy and he is in charge of the sales team here at Quantum Leap. He works very close with our team internally as well as our customers everyday to try and make their experience with QL a great one. He enjoys being in an industry that is ever changing, building relationships with our customers and working closely with a great group of people that have a mission of serving.

Josh is passionate about serving others and is inspired by his wife Ashley and their 4 boys; Knox, Finn, Hayes, and Grey. His favorite place in the world is being at home and loves being able to spend time there with family and friends. His wife Ashley likes to travel, so they enjoy doing that as much as they can. Josh enjoys playing sports, especially golf but he enjoys watching his boys learn and play sports even more. He and his family enjoy spending lots of time together going camping and being outdoors!

Mike Borowka

Mike said he originally got involved in the technology business for the fame and fortune. But when he realized there was little to none of both, his passion had to change. (We love his sarcasm) Mike’s job and his passion, is to ensure that our team here at Quantum Leap is built to and has the resources to be successful and valuable for our clients. His goal is to give as much peace of mind as possible to our clients in an industry where chaos and change are the norm. He is inspired by our team’s continuous effort and “all in” approach to solving challenges for our clients. He enjoys seeing people working together in a collaborative environment for a common goal. His job is to build on that and help bring it to fruition. 

When Mike is not at QL, he enjoys spending time with his wife Katy and their two boys. He is usually playing or coaching all kinds of sports with his sons. He previously lived in Arizona for a number of years, so he enjoys traveling and spending time out west. He hopes that will eventually be where he decides to settle after retirement!

Rob Dykstra

Rob helps build and maintain long-lasting relationships for Quantum Leap. This can be in the form of bringing revenue in the door, securing partnerships and referral sources, as well as bringing on new people that add to our great family culture. And speaking of our family culture, one of the reasons why he loves it here is simple – He loves our team of talented, caring and knowledgeable people.

When Rob isn’t at the office, you will find him loving on his girls! He and his wife Rachel have 3 beautiful daughters; Taylor, Camryn and Brooklyn. When his cup of estrogen has overflowed, you will find him with friends, watching sports or playing tennis!