Why Us?

Quantum Leap is solely focused on providing comprehensive IT and communications solutions for businesses. With a large group of on-staff engineers possessing an average of 20 years of experience in the industry, our experts can design the best solution to meet your business needs.


Quantum Leap is focused on providing unmatched IT and telecom solutions for businesses. We have a large group of infrastructure architects, network specialists, and on-staff engineers possessing an average of 20 years in the industry. Our experts can design the best solution to meet your individual business needs. This simplifies your experience by working with a single company who can effectively manage all of your IT, network, computer, phone system and phone/internet providers. 

Problem Solving with Consultative Relationships

A single, off-the-shelf solution doesn’t work in the modern era of IT and telecom technology solutions need to be tailored to an individual business. We offer a wide range of customized solutions to adjust to your unique needs. Whether it is a complete system design and installation at a new facility, or a simple need to minimize carrier costs, we can help through a consultative approach and develop strategies to increase productivity out of our telecommunications. 

Service Still Matters

Even with the best solution at a fair price, you are only as good as the service you provide. We know that scheduling, project management, client communication, integrity and the overall quality of service are the backbone of our business. We invest in the success of our clients, and in the capabilities of our team. It’s imperative to have confidence and trust within your IT environment and we provide that every single hour, every single day. Our collaboration driven business model isn’t here to sell you something, but more importantly, develop a long-term, trusted partnership that helps make your business more successful.